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Derived from the Italian adjective bravo meaning "courageous" bravado refers to cheeky self-confidence. Bravado is an ideal name for our company because we try to add a dash of swagger to everything that we do.

Marketing Communications

This is our bread and butter; case studies, white papers, application notes, eBooks, blogs, reports, sales guides, video scripts, product brochures, web content and newsletters.

Corporate communications

We can help with liaising with media, maintaining media plans, scheduling (and conducting) media interviews, responding to media inquiries, organizing press conferences, crafting messaging documents/talking points, and writing press releases, articles, and FAQs.

Strategic consulting and support services

We also offer strategic consulting and support services, such as marketing plans, public relations campaigns, digital marketing support and creative multimedia marketing campaigns.

Greg Owens

Greg - our founder and principal consultant - has 25 years' experience in the ICT sector. He's led marketing teams for one of the ICT industry's largest network equipment vendors, with global responsibilities for product marketing, brand management, demand generation, digital/social media marketing and global events. In December 2016, Greg was profiled by Pagezii, an Ottawa-based digital marketing company. In January 2017, he was asked by Pagezii to reflect on "what non-marketing skill has been your greatest asset?"
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What our clients say

 "Greg was a lifesaver on writing these app notes for me. He had the right balance of technical and marketing spin and it was so helpful during a period when I was coming up to speed on the technical aspects of the solution."

Dana Motyl
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Recent Blog

Can the material value of public relations be quantitatively measured?

Posted by Greg Owens on 5 May 2019
Having spent more than 20 years working in the fields of marketing and communications in the private sector, I have often wondered if the strate...
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